1. Installing Voltaire QDR Infiniband Drivers for CentOS 5.4
  2. Infiniband versus Ethernet myths and misconceptions
  3. Switching between Ethernet NIC and Infiniband using Virtual Protocol Interconnect (VPI)
  4. OFED Performance Micro-Benchmark Latency Test
  5. Diagnostic Tools to diagnose Infiniband Device
  6. Diagnostic Tools to diagnose Infiniband Fabric Information
  7. Registering sufficent memory for OpenIB when using Mellanox HCA
  8. Understanding  ibtracert command
  9. Tools for Performance Test for IB
  10. Querying the logical and physical port states of an IB Port
  11. Using ibdiagnet to generate topology of the network.
  12. IPoIB working modes
  13. How to find which switch the OpenSM is running on
  14. Fabric Debug Initiation using ibdiagnet (Part 1)

Chelsio  iWARP

  1. Chelsio iWARP Installation and Setup Guide for CentOS 5.4
  2. Installing Chelsio 10GE Driver on CentOS 5.4
  3. Chelsio iWARP Drivers compatibility with Chelsio Linux drivers
  4. Installing Chelsio Unified Wire from RPM for CentOS 5
  5. iWARP, RDMA and TOE
  6. Compiling Chelseio IWARP Drivers ( on CentOS 5
  7. 40Gb Ethernet – A Competitive Alternative to InfiniBand (White Papers)
  8. iWARP Update Roadmap 2014

General Networking (TCP/IP)

  1. Linux Bonding Modes
  2. Linux Network Bonding or Trunking on CentOS 5.x
  3. Forcing NIC to operate at Full Duplex and 100Mb using Ethtool
  4. Configure TCP for faster connections and transfers
  5. Using iptables to allow compute nodes to access public network
  6. Enabling SRIOV on Intel Ethernet Server Adapter
  7. Configuring 2 Gateways on the Same Linux Box

White Papers

  1. High Performance Cluster for Biomedical Research using 10GB Ethernet iWARP Fabric
  2. Building HPC Clusters with 10Gigabit Ethernet (White Paper)
  3. Copper Twisted-Pair versus Optical Fibre at 10Gb/s
  4. High Performance Data Transfers on TCP/IP

Pass-through and SR-IOV

  1. Installing Chelsio driver CD on an ESX 4.x host
  2. Configuring VMDirectPath I/O pass-through devices on an ESX host with Chelsio T4 Card (Part 1)
  3. Configuring VMDirectPath I/O pass-through devices on an ESX host with Chelsio T4 Card (Part 2)


  1. Enabling SRIOV in BIOS for IBM Servers and Blade Servers

Mellanox-related technologies

    1. Switching between Ethernet and Infiniband using Virtual Protocol Interconnect (VPI)
    2. Mellanox SN2100 Ethernet Bundle Configurator
    3. Mellanox Infiniband Topology Generator
    4. Mellanox Product Guide
    5. BlueField-2 I/O Processing Unit (IPU) from Mellanox