Configuring Hyper-threading on SuperDome

The following command can be used to

RMC> show npar
RMC> modify npar pnum=PARTITION_ID hthread={on,off}


HPE Superdome Flex – How to configure hyper-threading


Power On and Booting the Server

Step 1: Logged in to your RMC

Step 2:  Check the state of the system. To view the partition configuration, enter show npar.

RMC cli> show npar pnum=0
RMC cli> show complex

If no errors are indicated, then proceed to power up the system.

If there are errors, run

RMC cli>show logs error

and resolve the errors before powering up the system.

Step 3: To power up the system, assuming it is configured with all chassis in one large nPartition numbered 0

RMC cli> power on npar pnum=0


  1. HPE Superdome Flex Server – Powering ON and Booting the Server

Powering Off SuperDome Flex System

Step 1: Power down the SuperDome Flex Server via OS

% shutdown -h now

Step 2: Log into the RMC as the administrator user, and enter the following command to power OFF the system:

RMC cli> power off npar pnum=0

To power RMC OFF a single partition, enter the following command:

RMC cli> power off npar pnum=x

Where x=nPar number.

If the above command is not workable, you may have to force power off

RMC cli> power off npar pnum=0 force

Step 3: Enter the following command, and verify that the Run State is OFF:

 RMC cli> show npar
 Partitions: 1
 Par      Run      Status    Chassis HT  RAS  CPUs      Memory (GB)    IO Cards  Boot      Boot Boot
 Num      State               OK/In           OK/In     In/OK          OK/In     Chassis   Slots
 ===== ========== ========== ======= === === ========= ============== ========= ======== ============
 p0       Off       OK         1/1   off on    4/4     256/256          0/0      r001i01b  3,5
  * OK/In = OK/Installed



  1. HPE Superdome Flex Server – Powering OFF the Server