Active Directory


  1. Preparing a Linux Client Server for Centrify and 2FA for CentOS-7

Active Directory

  1. To query Active Directory CN and OU pathing
  2. Protecting Centrify Zones from accidental deletion on Active Directory

Centrify and Active Directory

  1. Basic Active Directory Authentication with Centrify Express for CentOS 6
  2. Enabling Debugging for Linux Systems for Centrify Express on CentOS 6
  3. Add an Active Directory (AD) Domain Account to sudo on Centrify Express for CentOS 6
  4. Mapping Ad account to Local Linux Group with Centrify Express on CentOS 6
  5. Restricting SSH Access when using Centrify-Free
  6. Enable Centrify Agent to read UID and GID from Centrify DirectManage Access Manager
  7. Testing the AD User Authentication with Centrify
  8. Collecting logs from Centrify Client
  9. Rectifying Corrupted Keytab file on Centrify Client
  10. Checking whether user is given correct role assignment
  11. Resolving Orphaned Objects in Centrify Access Manager
  12. Using Centrify and secure container/docker environments
  13. Using change zone adchzone to change zone from classic to hierarchy
  14. Delegate Zone Control to the user in the Centrify Management Console
  15. Useful Commands for Centrify Suite
  16. Centrify Client goes into disconnect mode
  17. Using Centrify to get the username from uid

Group Policy – Windows

  1. Open Source – Policy Plus for All Windows Edition

SSH and Centrify

  1. Algorithm negotiation failed for SSH Secure Shell Client


  1. How to uninstall Centrify agent on Unix/Linux platforms?


  1. Starting and Stopping CentrifyDA Agent