Thinking Strategy – Creative Thinker

Everyone in a Development Team has a preferred way of working and thinking. Thinking can be broken down into 3 dimensions. a. Creative Thinker, Understanding Thinking and Decision Thinking According to the Book “Git for Teams”

What are the Characteristics of a Creative Thinker:


  • To see an alternative future (whether it’s good or bad). This is useful for long-term strategy work.


  • See the current situation from different perspectives


  • Brainstorming is almost the ability to doodle through a problem

Employ flash of insight

  • A Flash of Insight happens when you’re not thinking about the problem. It happens when you’re out for a walk or in the shower.


  • To question the status quo


  • Ignore Distraction and focus wholly on a given task

Recognising Creative Thinkers

You can recognise the creative thinkers from their key phrases

“Can we try?”

Have you thought about doing this instead?

I had this great idea?


Europe’s Leading Quantum Computer Manufacturer Launches Free Online Course for All

IQM Quantum Computers (IQM), a European leader in building quantum computers, today launched a global initiative, “IQM Academy,” to offer a free online quantum training course to educate and prepare talent for quantum workforce development.

IQM aims to reach high school and university students, educators, and enthusiasts who are curious to start learning about the fundamentals of quantum computing.

For more information, do take a look at

Setting up 2 Gateways with a Default Gateway for most Traffic and the 2nd Gateway for selected Subnet Traffic on Rocky Linux 8


Suppose you have 2 network cards and their own gateway. The challenge is that you can only have 1 default gateway. How do we work this out?


Type the following command

$ ip route show
default via dev eno0 proto static metric 104 via dev eno1 proto static metric 103 via dev eno1 proto static metric 103

That means the default route for traffic is via eno1. All traffic except and will pass through the second gateway. How do we do it?

Set Default Route for all traffic

To set all traffic through the default gateway, do the following

$ ip route add default via dev eno0 proto static metric 104

Set Selected IP Subnet for 2nd Gateway

$ ip route add via dev eno1 proto static metric 103
$ ip route add via dev eno1 proto static metric 103

Setting the DNS Correctly for each Network Card

If each of the Network Cards requires a different DNS, do make sure you put in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts

$ vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eno0
$ vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eno1

Deleting Route from Table

ip route delete via dev eno1 proto static metric 103


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  2. Linux Set up Routing with IP Command

Quick Understanding on swap

Swap Space is virtual memory, using your HDD when you run out of memory. The system swaps some of the contents out of the RAM to the HDD (swap), then bring it back when required.

In the past, when RAM was very small in the single digit of GB or less, we take the rule of 2 times the memory. But with large memory available in your Server, it may not be necessary to configure as much, as we only need as much as we can suspend to disk. I like to use between 16GB to 32GB swap

To control the tendency for the system to use the swap. Configure the vm.swappiness at /etc/sysctl.conf. It is the percentage of memory free before using swap. If you have lots of memory, you can use it as low as 10 from the default 60.

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