1. Adding New Nodes under PBS Professional
  2. Adding New Application to the Display Manager Portal for PBS-Pro
  3. Updating Icons for the PBS-Pro Display Manager
  4. Configure PBS not to accept jobs that will run into Scheduled Down-Time
  5. Unable to use “-v” variable in PBS Professional 19.2.5
  6. Allocating more GPU chunks for a GPU Nodes in PBS Professional
  7. Limiting Users on PBS Professional
  8. Restarting PBS-Pro license Servers Daemons


  1. PBS Professional Guide and Cheat Sheet


  1. Quick Fix to add Queue for PBS Pro
  2. Checking Priority of Queues for PBS Professional
  3. Restrict Number of Queued Job with PBS Professional
  4. Adding and Removing Nodes to a specific queue for PBS-Pro
  5. Quick Fix to change attribute of Jobs and Change Queue in PBS Pro

Mistral (Profiling)

  1. Stopping and Starting Altair Mistral Services
  2. Application I/O Profiling on HPC Clusters with Altair Mistral and Altair PBS Professional
  3. Tuning Compute Performance – Nanyang Technological University Targets I/O Bottlenecks to Speed Up Research


  1. Firewall Ports Opening for PBS-Pro Server and Clients
  2. Ports used by PBS Analytics
  3. Clearing the password cache for Altair Display Manager
  4. PBS Professional MoM Access Configuration Parameters


  1. Basic Tracing of Jobs Issues in PBS Professional


  1. Running Arrays on PBS Professional
  2. Job Monitoring with qstat for PBS-Pro
  3. Displaying node level source summary

Altair HPC Summit

  1. HPC Summit – Altair Keynote
  2. Job Scheduling on NCAR’s Next-generation Supercomputer – Altair