PBS Professional MoM Access Configuration Parameters

Taken from PBS Professional Admin Guide

The Configuration Parameters can be found at /var/spool/pbs/mom_priv/config

$restrict_user <value>
  • Controls whether users not submitting jobs have access to this machine. When True, only those users running jobs are allowed access.
  • Format: Boolean
  • Default: off
$restrict_user_exceptions <user_list>
  • List of users who are exempt from access restrictions applied by $restrict_user. Maximum number of names in list is 10.
  • Format: Comma-separated list of usernames; space allowed after comma
$restrict_user_maxsysid <value>
  • Allows system processes to run when $restrict_user is enabled. Any user with a numeric user ID less than or equal to value is exempt from restrictions applied by $restrict_user.
  • Format: Integer
  • Default: 999


To restrict user access to those running jobs, add:

$restrict_user True

To specify the users who are allowed access whether or not they are running jobs, add:

$restrict_user_exceptions User1, User2

To allow system processes to run, specify the maximum numeric user ID by adding:

$restrict_user_maxsysid 999

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