Installing Intel® oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit

What is included in the Intel oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit? For more information, do take a look at Intel OneAPI Al Analytics Toolkit

  • Intel® Distribution for Python*
  • Intel® Distribution of Modin* (via Anaconda distribution of the toolkit using the Conda package manager)
  • Intel® Low Precision Optimization Tool
  • Intel® Optimization for PyTorch*
  • Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow*
  • Model Zoo for Intel® Architecture
  • Download size: 2.18 GB
  • Date: August 2, 2021
  • Version: 2021.3

Command Line Installation


sudo bash

Installation Instruction

Step 1: From the console, locate the downloaded install file.
Step 2: Use $ sudo sh ./<installer>.sh to launch the GUI Installer as the root.
Optionally, use $ sh ./<installer>.sh to launch the GUI Installer as the current user.
Step 3: Follow the instructions in the installer.
Step 4: Explore the Get Started Guide.


  1. Intel OneAPI Al Analytics Toolkit