Topology optimization using TOSCA for ABAQUS in HPC

Topology optimization using TOSCA for Abaqus is executed by running the Abaqus execution procedure and by providing the name of the parameter file, which, in turn, refers to an Abaqus input file. You can define your optimization model using Abaqus/CAE, and you can use the Optimization Process Manager to create the parameter file and the Abaqus/CAE input file.

Editing ABAQUS FlexLM License File to control license usage

The Guide was taken from

If you wish to restrict user1 to only 64 license

In short,

Step 1: Create a mlm.opt file where the license file are

# touch mlm.opt
MAX 64 abaqus USER user1

Step 2: Edit ABAQUS License File

SERVER this_host 000xxxxyyyyb 27000
VENDOR ABAQUSLM port=27398 options="/usr/SIMULIA/License/2017/linux_a64/code/bin/mlm.opt"

Step 3: Stop and Start the ABAQUS License File

# ./lmdown
# ./lmgrd -c ABAQUS_LICENSE_FILE.lic -l 241208.log


Keyword Description
BORROW_LOWWATER Set the number of BORROW licenses that cannot be borrowed.
DEBUGLOG Writes debug log information for this vendor daemon to the specified file (v8.0+ vendor daemon).
EXCLUDE Deny a user access to a feature.
Deny a user the ability to borrow BORROW licenses.
EXCLUDEALL Deny a user access to all features served by this vendor daemon.
FQDN_MATCHING Sets the level of host name matching.
GROUP Define a group of users for use with any options.
GROUPCASEINSENSITIVE Sets case sensitivity for user and host lists specified in GROUP and HOST_GROUP keywords.
Define a group of hosts for use with any options (v4.0+).
INCLUDE Allow a user to use a feature.
INCLUDE_BORROW Allow a user to borrow BORROW licenses.
INCLUDEALL Allow a user to use all features served by this vendor daemon.
Allow a user to extend the linger time for a feature beyond its checkin.
MAX Limit usage for a particular feature/group-prioritizes usage among users.
MAX_BORROW_HOURS Changes the maximum borrow period for the specified feature.
MAX_OVERDRAFT Limit overdraft usage to less than the amount specified in the license.
NOLOG Turn off logging of certain items in the debug log file.
REPORTLOG Specify that a report log file suitable for use by the FLEXnet Manager license usage reporting tool be written.
RESERVE Reserve licenses for a user or group of users/hosts.
TIMEOUT Specify idle timeout for a feature, returning it to the free pool for use by another user.
TIMEOUTALL Set timeout on all features.


  1. The Option File (3DS)