Editing ABAQUS FlexLM License File to control license usage

The Guide was taken from https://media.3ds.com/support/simulia/public/flexlm108/EndUser/chap5.htm

If you wish to restrict user1 to only 64 license

In short,

Step 1: Create a mlm.opt file where the license file are

# touch mlm.opt
MAX 64 abaqus USER user1

Step 2: Edit ABAQUS License File

SERVER this_host 000xxxxyyyyb 27000
VENDOR ABAQUSLM port=27398 options="/usr/SIMULIA/License/2017/linux_a64/code/bin/mlm.opt"

Step 3: Stop and Start the ABAQUS License File

# ./lmdown
# ./lmgrd -c ABAQUS_LICENSE_FILE.lic -l 241208.log


Keyword Description
BORROW_LOWWATER Set the number of BORROW licenses that cannot be borrowed.
DEBUGLOG Writes debug log information for this vendor daemon to the specified file (v8.0+ vendor daemon).
EXCLUDE Deny a user access to a feature.
Deny a user the ability to borrow BORROW licenses.
EXCLUDEALL Deny a user access to all features served by this vendor daemon.
FQDN_MATCHING Sets the level of host name matching.
GROUP Define a group of users for use with any options.
GROUPCASEINSENSITIVE Sets case sensitivity for user and host lists specified in GROUP and HOST_GROUP keywords.
Define a group of hosts for use with any options (v4.0+).
INCLUDE Allow a user to use a feature.
INCLUDE_BORROW Allow a user to borrow BORROW licenses.
INCLUDEALL Allow a user to use all features served by this vendor daemon.
Allow a user to extend the linger time for a feature beyond its checkin.
MAX Limit usage for a particular feature/group-prioritizes usage among users.
MAX_BORROW_HOURS Changes the maximum borrow period for the specified feature.
MAX_OVERDRAFT Limit overdraft usage to less than the amount specified in the license.
NOLOG Turn off logging of certain items in the debug log file.
REPORTLOG Specify that a report log file suitable for use by the FLEXnet Manager license usage reporting tool be written.
RESERVE Reserve licenses for a user or group of users/hosts.
TIMEOUT Specify idle timeout for a feature, returning it to the free pool for use by another user.
TIMEOUTALL Set timeout on all features.


  1. The Option File (3DS)

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