Backup and Archive

  1. Using Find and Tar Together to Backup and Archive

BASH Script

  1. Simple BASH script to setup shared SSH keys on Cluster
  2. Quick and Dirty way to ensure only one instance of a shell script is running at a time
  3. Checking and Modifying Timestamp of whole Directory recursively

Disk Usages

  1. Checking Disk Usage within the subfolders
  2. Checking Disk Usage within the subfolders but avoid mount-point
  3. Listing 50 biggest files in Recursive Directories.


  1. /bin/rm : Argument list too long

Interacting with Remote Server

  1. Basic CURL Commands


  1. Another way to calculate shared memory swapping
  2. Checking the Limits an application is imposed during run

Manipulating Files and Directories

  1. Using BASH command Find to locate files – Part 1
  2. Using BASH command Find to locate files – Part 2
  3. Using BASH to read Keyboard Input
  4. Sorting ls Output Based on Time and Date
  5. Using Find to Search Better
  6. Listing and Sorting Files


  1. Checking nproc limits
  2. Finding Top Processes using Highest Memory and CPU Usage in Linux
  3. Finding physical cpus, cores and logical cpus
  4. Listing processes for a specific user
  5. Running process in the background


  1. chsh -s /bin/tcsh and you (user) don’t exist error

Using strace

  1. Using strace to detect df hanging issues on NFS


  1. Generate UUID for Network Interface for CentOS

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