Listing 50 biggest files in Recursive Directories.

I have always enjoyed BASH Commands that can reveal more the files and directories we have. I wrote a short write-up Checking Disk Usage within the subfolders but avoid mount-point

I wondered whether if I can capture the top 20 directories that uses the most disk space. There was this document by that I find helpful 7 Linux command-line tips for saving media file space

1 To Find the 50 biggest files in its recursive directory tree

% find  -type f  -exec  du -Sh {} +  |  sort -rh  |  head -n 50
19G     ./Downloads/xxxxxx.iso
17G     ./Downloads/AI/AI.tar
17G     ./Downloads/ISO/xxxx.iso
6.4G    ./Ansys/
5.3G    ./.cache/tracker/meta.db
4.5G    ./Downloads/HelloThere_AVX2/tar/E45.tbJ
4.4G    ./Documents/EEEEE/EEEEEE_dvd.iso
3.7G    ./Downloads/12345/2021/2021.tar

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