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  1. What is Exascale Computing?

Internet of Workflow

  1. The Internet of Workflow

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  1. Singapore using power of HPC for even better climate projections

News Snippets

  1. HPC and Medical Advances from HPE
  2. RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) with Windows Server Storage Spaces Direct Solution
  3. First U.S. Exascale Supercomputer to Be a Cray Shasta System
  4. How Mellanox ConnectX and BlueField Empower Cyber Security Solutions
  5. Mellanox Introduces Advanced Network Telemetry Technology
  6. WekaIO Beats Big Systems on the IO-500 10 Node Challenge
  7. AMD’s EPYC™ 7002 HPC Benchmarks over Mellanox solutions
  8. 2019 Top Databases Used (ScaleGrid.IO)
  9. Altair acquires Univa and Ellexus
  10. Extremely Low Thermal Conductivity material to insulate Space Craft
  11. IBM claimed to have made the world’s first 2nm chip
  12. Intel turns to TSMC: another step towards fabless?
  13. Researchers Train Fluid Dynamics Neural Networks on Supercomputers
  14. High Performance Computing is at Inflection Point
  15. Address Blockchain’s Biggest Problem with Supercomputing
  16. Supporting Science with HPC


  1. Highlighted Area of Research by HPCWire


  1. CentOS Project is shifting to CentOS Stream

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  1. SC20 TOP500 Birds of a Feather (BoF)