IBM claimed to have made the world’s first 2nm chip

IBM claims that the 2nm chip could achieve 45 percent higher performance, or 75 percent lower energy use, than “today’s most advanced 7nm node chips.”

Darío Gil, SVP and director of IBM Research.

A single human hair spans a whopping 50,000-75,000 nanometers. A human red blood cell is 6,000-8,000nm. Covid-19 is 50-140nm…….. To build nodes 3nm and below requires extremely expensive and sensitive equipment, and a rethink on how nodes are laid out – hence the different metrics now used to measure smaller nodes.

DataDynamics (


  1. IBM claims to have made the world’s first 2nm chip (DataDynamics)
  2. IBM Creates First 2nm Chip (Anandtech)
  3. IBM 2nm chip breakthrough claims more power with less energy (BBC)

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