RELION – Performance Benchmark and Profiling

What is RELION?

RELION (REgularized LIkelihood OptimizatioN) is an open-source program for the refinement of macromolecular structures by single-particle analysis of electron cryomicroscopy (cryo-EM) data

RELION (REgularized LIkelihood OptimizatioN) implements an empirical Bayesian approach for analysis of electron cryo-microscopy (Cryo-EM)

RELION provides refinement methods of singular or multiple 3D reconstructions as well as 2D class averages

RELION is an important tool in the study of living cells

HPC-AI Advisory Council

Performance Analysis Summary

(from Article See RELION – Performance Benchmark and Profiling)

RELION performance testing

  • Pool size 4,8,16 gave best performance on 16,24,32 nodes
  • SHARP In-Network Computing reduces MPI time by 13% and increase overall application performance by 5
  • Performance advantages increases with system size, up to 32 nodes were tested

RELION Profile

  • Rank #0 does not perform computation
  • Mostly MPI_Barrier (70%)
  • Ring communication matrix


Centrify Client goes into disconnect mode

The article is taken from Centrify Knowledge Base (KB-1425): adclient goes into “disconnected mode”


There are several reasons why adclient can goes into disconnect mode. According to the article, it could be due to

  • Replication Delays
  • Expired Computer Password or not renewed or out of sync


In Linux, you can restart the Centrify DirectControl Service

# /etc/init.d/centrifydc restart
Stopping Centrify DirectControl:                           [  OK  ]
Starting Centrify DirectControl:                           [  OK  ]
adclient state is: connected

OR you can reset computer object on UNIX/LINUX client:

# adkeytab -r -u


Machine password renewal can be turned off (for testing purposes only) in /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf by making the following change and running adreload. (Default is 28 days)

adclient.krb5.password.change.interval: 0