Adding New Application to the Display Manager Portal for PBS-Pro

These are the steps to setup an application to be ready for PBS-Pro Display Manager COnsole

Step 1: Copy and Edit XML Files in the PBS PAS Repository

# cd /var/spool/pas/repository/applications/
# cp -Rv GlxSpheres Ansys

There are 3 important files which you must change the name to the application name

# mv app-inp-GlxSpheres.xml app-inp-Ansys.xml
# mv app-conv-GlxSpheres.xml app-conv-Ansys.xml
# mv app-actions-GlxSpheres.xml app-actions-Ansys.xml

Step 2: Change the inside content of the xml file from the original name (GlxSpheres) to (ANSYS)

# sed -i "s/GlxSpheres/Ansys/g" *.xml

Step 3: Edit site-config.xml to include the new application executable pathing

# cd /var/spool/pas/repository
# vim site-config.xml

Step 4: Updating Icons for the PBS-Pro Display Manager

See Updating Icons for the PBS-Pro Display Manager

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