Create and Populate a New ISO NFS Storage Domain for RHEV

For the NFS ISO Domain or NFS Data Domain, do ensure the followings

  1. Ensure the NFS File System is properly exported
  2. Ensure the user and group ownership is correct

Step 1: If you are exporting ISO on your NFS File Server. At your /etc/exports

/exports/ISO (rw, async)

Export NFS and check mounting

# exportfs -av
# showmount -e


Step 2: Change Permission
The permission on the exported file system must be owned and writable by user vdsm and group kvm

# chown vdsm.kvm /exports/iso
# chmod g+s /exports/iso


Step 3: Check list of available ISO Domains. At RHEM

# rhevm-iso-uploder list
ISO Storage Domain Name   | Datacenter                | ISO Domain Status
dmn_ixora_iso_vol         | RH_Resource               | active


Step 4: Mount the ISO Domain using Red Hat Enterprise Manager (RHEM)



Step 5: Uploading ISO using command line. Upload the ISO files to the directory /…/uique-UUID/images/11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111

# cd /iso/f21673a0-376e-4381-8760-b681c824dd1a/images/11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111

Copy the linux or windows iso file into the above directory

# scp remote_server:/something-directory/rhel-6.5.iso .

Change Ownership back to vdsm.kvm

# chown vdsm.kvm rhel-6.5.iso



  1. Create export domain or ISO Domain on RHEV 3