Quantum Computing can revolutionize AI

Quantum computers can process complex information at a mind-boggling speed and should eventually vastly outperform even the most powerful of today’s conventional computers. This includes the rapid training of machine learning models and the creation of optimized algorithms. Years of analysis can be cut to a short time with an optimized and stable AI that is powered by quantum computing. The combined solution is expected to bring changes to the AI hardware ecosystem

Techhq.com “Why AI will be so core to real-world quantum computing”

In a report by McKinsey, quantum computers have four fundamental capabilities that differentiate them from today’s classical computers: quantum simulation, in which quantum computers model complex molecules; optimization (that is, solving multivariable problems with unprecedented speed); quantum artificial intelligence (AI), utilizes better algorithms that could transform machine learning across industries as diverse as pharma and automotive; and prime factorization, which could revolutionize encryption.

Techhq.com “Why AI will be so core to real-world quantum computing”

For more information, do take a look at Why AI will be so core to real-world quantum computing

Images Taken from https://sociable.co/technology/could-quantum-computing-and-exotic-materials-facilitate-ai-human-cyborgs/

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