Nvidia at ISC 2021

Speaker: Marc Hamilton, VP of Solutions Architecture and Engineering, NVIDIA Panelists: Nicola Rieke, Dion Harris, Timothy Costa, Gilad Shainer, Geetika Gupta

China unveiling an advanced 66-qubit quantum supercomputer

Zuchongzhi Quantum Supercomputing Picture by (University of Science and Technology of China)

Researchers in China unveiling a super-advanced 66-qubit quantum supercomputer called Zuchongzhi, which by one important metric is the most powerful machine of its kind we’ve seen to date. The performance of Zuchongzhi is undoubtedly impressive: it finished a designated quantum benchmark task in around 70 minutes, and its creators claim the world’s most powerful ‘classical’ (non-quantum) supercomputer to date would need around eight years to get through the same set of calculations.

Science Alert (Record-Breaking Chinese Supercomputer Marks New Quantum Supremacy Milestone)

For more Information, see Record-Breaking Chinese Supercomputer Marks New Quantum Supremacy Milestone

Intel Video-on-Demand at ISC21

Intel at ISC21

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Selected Videos.

Accelerating the Possibilities with HPC
by Trish Damkroger, VP and GM, High Performance Computing Group, Intel Corporation

Building HPC Systems with Intel for Today and Tomorrow
Jeff Watters, Director of the HPC Portfolio and Strategic Engagements, Intel Corporation

CXL Fireside Chat
Stephen Van Doren, Intel Fellow, Director of Processor Interconnect Architecture, Intel Corporation

Intel System Server D50TNP for HPC
Scott Misage, Manager Product Development & Architecture, Intel Corporation
Brian Caslis, Product Line Manager, Intel Corporation
Jim Russell, Project Design Manager, Intel Corporation

Ice Lake, Together with Mellanox Interconnect Solutions, Deliver Best in Class Performance for HPC Applications
Gilad Shainer, Senior Vice President Marketing, NVIDIA

Optimizing a Memory-Intensive Simulation Code for Heterogenous Optane Memory Systems
Steffen Christgau, HPC Consultant, Zuse Institute Berlin

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