Compiling KALDI with OpenMPI and MKL

KALDI (Kaldi Speech Recognition Toolkit)

Step 1: Git Clone kaldi packages

% git clone

Step 2: Check Dependencies.

Do run the following steps in the blog entry Fixing zlib Dependencies Issues for kaldi

Step 3: Load OpenMPI-3.1.4 with GNU-6.5

You may wish to compile OpenMPI with GNU-6.5 according to Compiling OpenMPI-3.1.6 with GCC-6.5

Step 4: Compile kaldi tools

% cd /usr/local/kaldi/tools
% make
All done OK.

(This make take a long well)

Step 5: Compile src of the main kaldi

% source /usr/local/intel/2018u3/mkl/bin/ intel64
% export CXXFLAGS="-I/usr/local/zlib-1.2.11/include"
% ./configure --use-cuda=no
% make -j clean depend
% make -j 4

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