Fixing zlib Dependencies Issues for kaldi

What is Kaldi?

Kaldi is a toolkit for speech recognition, intended for use by speech recognition researchers and professionals. Find the code repository at

Downloading Kaldi

% git clone

Checking Dependencies

Before you can compile, you may want to check the required dependencies

% cd kaldi/tools

Running the Dependencies Test

% cd kaldi/tools/extras

Load Intel Compilers and MLK

export MKLROOT=/usr/local/intel_2018/mkl/lib

Run the Check_Dependencies Test

% ./
./ zlib is not installed.
./ Some prerequisites are missing; install them using the command:
sudo yum install zlib-devel

(This error is strange because becuase zlib and zlib-devel has already been installed)

I used instead a compiled zlib. For more information how to compile zlib, see Compile zlib-1.2.8 with Intel-15.0.6

Next CXXFLAGS on your .bashrc.


Source ~/.bashrc once again.

% source ~/.bashrc
[user1@node1 extras]$ ./
./ all OK.

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