Conda versus pip virtualenv commands

I find this comparison very useful when trying to understand conda and pip. The information has been taken from Conda Command Conference


Task Conda package and environment manager command Pip package manager command
Install a package conda install $PACKAGE_NAME pip install $PACKAGE_NAME
Update a package conda update --name $ENVIRONMENT_NAME $PACKAGE_NAME pip install --upgrade $PACKAGE_NAME
Update package manager conda update conda Linux/macOS: pip install -U pip Win: python -m pip install -U pip
Uninstall a package conda remove --name $ENVIRONMENT_NAME $PACKAGE_NAME pip uninstall $PACKAGE_NAME
Create an environment conda create --name $ENVIRONMENT_NAME python X
Activate an environment conda activate $ENVIRONMENT_NAME* X
Deactivate an environment conda deactivate X
Search available packages conda search $SEARCH_TERM pip search $SEARCH_TERM
Install package from specific source conda install --channel $URL $PACKAGE_NAME pip install --index-url $URL $PACKAGE_NAME
List installed packages conda list --name $ENVIRONMENT_NAME pip list
Create requirements file conda list --export pip freeze
List all environments conda info --envs X
Install other package manager conda install pip pip install conda
Install Python conda install python=x.x X
Update Python conda update python* X


  1. Conda Command Conference

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