Unable to use “-v” variable in PBS Professional 19.2.5

I was not able to use the “-v file=test.m” in the latest version of PBS Professional 19.2.5

I was using the following commands and the qsub command did not work. It used to work in earlier version of PBS Professional

$ qsub gpu.pbs -v file=test.m
usage: qsub [-a date_time] [-A account_string] [-c interval]
[-C directive_prefix] [-e path] [-f ] [-h ] [-I [-X]] [-j oe|eo] [-J X-Y[:Z]]
[-k keep] [-l resource_list] [-m mail_options] [-M user_list]
[-N jobname] [-o path] [-p priority] [-P project] [-q queue] [-r y|n]
[-R o|e|oe] [-S path] [-u user_list] [-W otherattributes=value...]
[-S path] [-u user_list] [-W otherattributes=value...]
[-v variable_list] [-V ] [-z] [script | -- command [arg1 ...]]
qsub --version

The solution is that by design the job script has to be the last argument. Please change the commands accordingly.

$ qsub -v file=test.m gpu.pbs