Why IBM is suing GlobalFoundries over Chip Roadmap failures

An interesting article on delicate relationship between chip designs and foundries

The tight linkage between chip designs and chip manufacturing processes has caused its shared of havoc in the IT sector, and it is getting worse as Moore’s Law has slowed and Dennard scaling died a decade ago. Wringing more performance out of devices while trying to keep a lid on power draw is causing loads of trouble as chip makers try to advance the state of the art. When there are failures to meet chip process targets set by the foundries of the world, chips drive off the roadmap page and smash on the floor.

Timothy Prickett Morgan (www.TheNextPlatform.com)

IBM Singapore Supercomputing Virtual Forum 30 June 2020


In the past few months, technology has been put on a test like never before. On one hand healthcare research professionals have be grappling with the onset of a pandemic, trying to find answers in data and numbers. On the other hand, corporates are struggling to make sure that continuity is maintained in order to minimize long term economic impact. In some form or the other, both segments are embracing technology for a better future. Join us for this virtual summit where we bring in the experts from the domain of HPC, AI and Quantum to explore how the paradigm has shifted from what we ‘want’ to what we ‘essentially need’ from Tech for Good.

For more information, do take a look at https://www.ibm.com/sg-en/events/supercomputing