Predefined Environmental Variables for OpenPBS qsub

The following environment variable reflect the environment when the user run qsub

  1. PBS_O_HOSTThe host where you ran the qsub command.
  2. PBS_O_LOGNAMEYour user ID where you ran qsub
  3. PBS_O_HOMEYour home directory where you ran qsub
  4. PBS_O_WORKDIRThe working directory where you ran qsub

The following reflect the environment where the job is executing

  1. PBS_ENVIRONMENTSet to PBS_BATCH to indicate the job is a batch job, or # to PBS_INTERACTIVE to indicate the job is a PBS interactive job
  2. PBS_O_QUEUEThe original queue you submitted to
  3. PBS_QUEUEThe queue the job is executing from
  4. PBS_JOBNAMEThe job’s name
  5. PBS_NODEFILEThe name of the file containing the list of nodes assigned to the job

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