Compiling BLACS on CentOS 5

1. You have to compile OpenMPI 1.4.x with g77 and gfortran. I’m compiling with OpenIB and Torque as well

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mpi/gnu-g77/ \
F77=g77 FC=gfortran \
--with-openib \
--with-openib-libdir=/usr/lib64 \

2. Download BLACS from Remember to download both mpiblacs.tgz and the mpiblacs-patch03.tgz

# cd /root
# tar -xzvf mpiblacs.tgz
# tar -xzvf mpiblacs-patch03.tgz
# cd BLACS

3. Edit according to the recommendation from OpenMPI FAQ

# Section 1:
# Ensure to use MPI for the communication layer


# The MPIINCdir macro is used to link in mpif.h and
# must contain the location of Open MPI's mpif.h. 
# The MPILIBdir and MPILIB macros are irrelevant
# and should be left empty.

   MPIdir = /path/to/openmpi-1.4.3
   MPILIBdir =
   MPIINCdir = $(MPIdir)/include

# Section 2:
# Set these values:

   INTFACE = -Df77IsF2C
   BUFF =
   TRANSCOMM = -DUseMpi2

# Section 3:
# You may need to specify the full path to
# mpif77 / mpicc if they aren't already in
# your path. IF not type the whole path out.

   F77            = /usr/local/mpi/gnu-g77/bin/mpif77

   CC             = /usr/local/mpi/gnu-g77/bin/mpicc

4. Following the recommendation from BlACS Errata (Necessary flags for compiling the BLACS tester with g77)

blacstest.o : blacstest.f
	$(F77) $(F77NO_OPTFLAGS) -c $*.f
blacstest.o : blacstest.f
	$(F77) $(F77NO_OPTFLAGS) -fno-globals -fno-f90 -fugly-complex -w -c $*.f

5. Compile the Blacs tests. You should see

# cd /root/BLACS/TESTING
# make clean
# make

You should see xCbtest_MPI-LINUX-1 and xFbtest_MPI-LINUX-1

6. Tun the Tests

# mpirun -np 5 xCbtest_MPI-LINUX-0
# mpirun -np 5 xFbtest_MPI-LINUX-0

7. If the test is successful, you may wish to copy the BLACS library to /usr/local/lib. But I like to  separate my compiled libraries separately to /usr/local/blacs/lib

# cp /root/BLACS/LIB*.a /usr/local/blacs/lib
# chmod 555 /usr/local/blacs/lib/*.a

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