Installing Infiniband network with ESX – ESXI 4.x servers

This is an interesting article on How to create an infiniband network with ESX – ESXI 4.x servers. For more information see

create an infiniband network with ESX – ESXI 4.x servers 

Articles on Troubleshooting Performance Related Problems for VSphere 4.1

The hugely popular Performance Troubleshooting for VMware vSphere 4 guide is now updated for vSphere 4.1 . This document provides step-by-step approach for troubleshooting most common performance problems in vSphere-based virtual environments. The steps discussed in the document use performance data and charts readily available in the vSphere Client and esxtop to aid the troubleshooting flows. Each performance troubleshooting flow has two

  1. How to identify the problem using specific performance counters.
  2. Possible causes of the problem and solutions to solve it.


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Vmware Cloud Foundry – The industry’s first open platform as a Service

The goal of Cloud Foundry is to hide complexity from developers and make it easy to deploy and run applications anywhere. This is the same marketing speak that folks toting the cloud have pitched for years, but VMware wants to make it even more simple. Instead of worrying about instances or how to support a database, you just write a few lines of code, and Cloud Foundry makes it all happen for you…………

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