Compiling LAPACK on CentOS 5

Download the lapack latest stable version (lapack-3.3.0.tgz) from

# cd /root
# tar -xzvf lapack-3.3.0.tgz
# cd /root/lapack-3.3.0
# cp

Assuming Edit Assuming the Compiling ATLAS on CentOS 5

#BLASLIB = ../../blas$(PLAT).a
BLASLIB = /usr/local/atlas/lib/libf77blas.a /usr/local/atlas/lib/libatlas.a

Compile lapack package

# make

Copy the libraries to

# mkdir /usr/local/lapack/lib
# cp /root/lapack-3.3.0/*.a /usr/local/lapack/lib
# cd /usr/local/lapack/lib/
# chmod 555 *.a

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