World’s first hydrogen-powered off-grid data centre announced

‘Data Centre-as-a-Service’ pioneer, ECL, has announced the launch of what it claims is the world’s first modular, sustainable, off-grid data centre that uses green hydrogen as its primary power source. The company further claims to be able to deliver data centres in one megawatt (MW) blocks that can achieve 99.9999 per cent uptime.
While other data center providers have deployed hydrogen fuel cells as backup power supplies, and with some conducting trials of systems forecast for production delivery in three-to-five years, ECL asserts that it is the first provider to deliver a fully-green hydrogen-powered data centre. This leapfrog innovation is enabled by bringing together several disruptive technologies including green hydrogen-based power generation, battery energy storage and highly reliable power architecture without dependence on the utility grid.
ECL also said that its cooling innovations enable much higher density-per-rack than traditional data centre providers, a strong benefit given the increasing per-server power consumption driven by accelerating chip and system density. Water created as a by-product of hydrogen-based power generation is used to cool ECL’s server racks, eliminating the need for external water sources. Combining this with proprietary rear door heat exchange technology results in lower Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratios than any other colocation data centre provider.

World’s first hydrogen-powered off-grid data centre announced

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