End-Of-Life and Support Information

Searching End-Of-Life Information can be a hassle if you are looking for information for OS, Applications, Databases etc. It will be very helpful if everything can be found on a website.

Hooray! It exists! https://endoflife.date/

endoflife.date documents End-of-life dates, and support lifecycles of various products. This project collates this data and presents it in an easily accessible format, with URLs that are easy to guess and remember.

For example, I click on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the table layout is clear and intuitive.

ReleaseReleasedActive SupportSecurity SupportLatest
9 (Upcoming ELS)7 months ago(17 May 2022)Ends in 4 years and 5 months(31 May 2027)Ends in 9 years(31 May 2032)9.1(15 Nov 2022)
8 (Upcoming ELS)3 years and 7 months ago(07 May 2019)Ends in 1 year and 5 months(31 May 2024)Ends in 6 years(31 May 2029)8.7(09 Nov 2022)
7 (Upcoming ELS)9 years ago(11 Dec 2013)Ended 2 years and 11 months ago(31 Dec 2019)Ends in 1 year and 6 months(30 Jun 2024)7.9(29 Sep 2020)
6 (ELS)12 years ago(09 Nov 2010)Ended 6 years ago(10 May 2016)Ended 2 years ago(30 Nov 2020)6.10
5 (ELS)15 years ago(15 Mar 2007)Ended 9 years ago(08 Jan 2013)Ended 5 years and 8 months ago(31 Mar 2017)5.11
417 years ago(15 Feb 2005)Ended 13 years ago(31 Mar 2009)Ended 10 years ago(29 Feb 2012)4.9
Taken from https://endoflife.date/

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