Compiling ANTs with GNU-6.5

What is Advanced Normalization Tools?

ANTS is a tool for computational neuroanatomy based on medical images. ANTS reads any image type that can be read by ITK (, that is, jpg, tiff, hdr, nii, nii.gz, mha/d and more image types as well. For the most part, ANTS will output float images which you can convert to other types with the ANTS
ConvertImagePixelType tool. ImageMath has a bunch of basic utilities such as multiplication, inversion and many more advanced tools such as computation of the Lipschitz norm of a deformation field. ANTS
programs may be called from the command line on almost any platform.

ANTs project site can be found at GitHub – ANTsX/ANTs: Advanced Normalization Tools (ANTs). Compilation Information can found at Compiling ANTs on Linux and Mac OS · ANTsX/ANTs Wiki · GitHub


  • gnu-6.5
  • m4-1.4.18
  • gmp-6.1.0
  • mpfr-3.1.4
  • mpc-1.0.3
  • isl-0.18
  • gsl-2.1
  • cmake-3.21.3

ANTs can be not too difficult if you use their installation script found here

% mkdir /usr/local/ANTs
% cd /usr/local/ANTs
% git clone
% ./

Once done, you should see in the ANTs directory

ANTs  build  install

Inside ANTs, you can see the install directory where the bin and lib lies

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