Checking Disk Usage within the subfolders but avoid mount-point

If you need to check Usage, but you wish to avoid the mount-point, you can use the command

[root@hpc-hn /]# du -h -x -d 1
48M     ./etc
552M    ./root
11G     ./var
1.1G    ./tmp
11G     ./usr
0       ./media
0       ./mnt
4.8G    ./opt
0       ./srv
0       ./install
0       ./log
0       ./misc
0       ./net
0       ./server_priv
0       ./ProjectSpace
0       ./media1
0       ./media2
28G     .
  • -h refers to human-readable
  • -d refers to depth level. By default, it is 0 which is the same as summarize
  • -x skip directories on different file systems