Setup of Linux OneDrive on CentOS 7

Sometime, you have a huge data sets to transfer and you may not want to hold an active connection all the time. One solution is to use OneDrive especially if you or your organisation has subscribed to Office 365. You should have 1TB of online space.

Step 1: Install Dependencies

yum install libcurl-devel
yum install sqlite-devel
curl -fsS | bash -s dmd

Step 2: Git Clone the OneDrive Code

git clone
cd onedrive
sudo make install

Step 3a: Authorize Microsoft to access your account

You need to authorize onedrive with Microsoft so it can access your account. First start by typing on the console


Step 3b: You will be prompted to visit the URL to get permission

Step 4: Log in to your OneDrive account, and grant the app permission to access your account

Step 5: You will see a blank white page. Copy the URL and paste it into the Xterm

Step 6: Copy the URL and paste it into the Xterm  “Enter the response uri”


By default, all files are downloaded in ~/OneDrive and hidden files are skipped.  If you want to change the defaults, you can copy and edit the included config file into your ~/.config/onedrive directory:

mkdir -p ~/.config/onedrive
cp ./config ~/.config/onedrive/config
nano ~/.config/onedrive/config

Available options:

  • sync_dir: directory where the files will be synced
  • skip_file: any files or directories that match this pattern will be skipped during sync.

For example,

If I want to sync everything except Confidential and Personal Folders

# Directory where the files will be synced
sync_dir = "~/OneDrive/"
# Skip files and directories that match this pattern
skip_file = ".*|Confidential|Personal"

Note: after changing the sync list, you must perform a full synchronization by executing

onedrive --resync


One Drive Service

If you want to sync your files automatically, enable and start the systemd service:

systemctl --user enable onedrive
systemctl --user start onedrive


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