Upgrading firmware for Super-Dome Flex

Step 1: Log into the HPE Superdome Flex Server operating system as the root user, and enter the following command to stop the operating system:

# shutdown


Step 2: Login to the RMC as administrator user, provide the password when prompted.

Use of DNS is recommended. If using DNS, verify that the RMC is configured to use DNS access by running:

RMC cli> show dns

If not, you may use the command “add dns” to configure DNS access (or you can’t use DNS).


Step 3: Enter the following command to power off the system:

If there is only 1 partition, partition 0 is the default:

RMC cli> power off npar pnum=0

In case of multiple partitions, enter show npar to find the partition number, then enter:

RMC cli> power off npar pnum=x

(where x is the partition number)


Step 4: Update the firmware by running the command:

RMC cli> update firmware url=<path_to_firmware>

Where <path_to_firmware>  specifies the location to the firmware file that you previously downloaded. You can use https, sftp or scp with an optional port. For instance:

RMC cli> update firmware url=scp://username@myhost.com/sd-flex-<version>-fw.tars
RMC cli> update firmware url=sftp://username@myhost.com/sd-flex-<version>-fw.tars
RMC cli> update firmware url=https://myhost.com/sd-flex-<version>-fw.tars
RMC cli> update firmware url=https://myhost.com:123/sd-flex-<version>-fw.tars

Note: The CLI does not accept clear text password, the password has to be manually typed in.

Note: To use a hostname like ‘myhost.com’, RMC must be configured for DNS for name resolution, otherwise you need to specify the IP address of ‘myhost.com’ instead. See the command ‘add dns’ for more information.


Step 5: Wait for RMC to reboot after a successful FW update, then check the new firmware version installed by running:

RMC cli> show firmware verbose

Note: The nPar firmware version will not be updated until the next nPar reboot. See output under “DETERMINING CURRENT VERSION” below.


Step 6: Power on the system or partition:

– To power up a system configured with all chassis in one large nPartition numbered 0, enter:

RMC cli>  power on pnum=0

.- If you have multiple npars, each npar can be powered on separately using:

RMC cli>  power on npar pnum=x

, where x is the partition number.


Step 7: Determining Current Version:

To check or verify the current firmware levels on the system, from the CLI, enter the RMC command:

RMC cli>  show firmware


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