Nvidia DGX POD for Research Reference Architecture

Abstract from the Document

The NVIDIA® DGX POD™ for Research (Research POD) reference architecture provides a blueprint for university High Performance Computing (HPC) centers to design a computing resource that is cost effective, designed for the future, and sized to support a wide variety of researchers and applications.

NVIDIA DGX POD for Research – WhitePaper



Counting the number of processes running in Linux

Option 1: Number of processes run by a lsdyna_smp_s_r1

Sometimes we need to get the number of processes run by a lsdyna_smp_s_r1. For example if you are running a software named lsdyna_smp_s_r1 and you want to know how many processes were spawn, you can use the command

# ps -C lsdyna_smp_s_r1 | wc -l

OR if you are checking for the number of processes for SSH

# pgrep lsdyna_smp_s_r1 | wc -l

Option 2: Number of processes run by a User

# ps -U user1 | wc -l


Spectrum Scale User Group, SCA19 Singapore (March)

Taken from https://www.spectrumscaleug.org/presentations/

Delegate Zone Control to the user in the Centrify Management Console

  • Open Access Manager as Administrator
  • Right click “Centrify Access Manager > Zone > Global”
  • Select “Delegate Zone Control…”

  • In the Dialog window, click “Add”

  • Input user name into “Name:” field and click “Find Now”
  • Select the User and click “OK”

  • Click “Next”

  • Click “All” in the Tasks list and click “Next”

  • Click “Yes”

  • Click “Finish”