How Mellanox ConnectX and BlueField Empower Cyber Security Solutions

News from Mellanox

  1. Mellanox Turns Zero-Trust to HERO-Trust
    A Mellanox blog discussing the zero-trust security model, and how Mellanox BlueField SmartNIC empowers zero-trust security solutions
  2. ConnectX & BlueField Empower Cloud Security SolutionsEye on Mellanox YouTube VideoA short video clip discussing how ConnectX & BlueField empower cloud security solutions
  3. Guardicore and Mellanox Deliver Agentless and High-Performance Micro-Segmentation in Hybrid Cloud
    Guardicore is a cyber security solution provider which offers a complete micro-segmentation solution for enforcing security policies in data-center networks. Micro-segmentation is considered a priority for CISO’s in 2019 and beyond. We have recently partnered with Guardicore to have their software run on top of BlueField, enabling agentless and high-performant micro-segmentation solution. The attached solution brief describes the key benefits of applying BlueField for micro-segmentation and key benefits of the joint solution.