Changing Hostname in xCAT 2.14

All activities to be triggered from Master Node 1

Step 1:

# ssh nodename

Step 2:

# /etc/sysconfig/network | Add HOSTNAME=newnodename						
# /etc/hostname | Add newnodename


Step 3:
Remove Old Provision Environment

# makedns -d nodename /*Remove the nodes from DNS configuration*/
# makedhcp -d nodename /*Remove the nodes from the DHCP configuration*/

Step 4:
Change Definition

# chdef -t node -o oldnodename -n newnodename /*Change the hostname in the xCAT database*/
# chdef -t node -o newnodename bmc=oldbmcname /*Re add the bmc name in the xCAT database*/

Step 5:
Change the hostname and IP address in the /etc/hosts file

# makehosts newnodename

Step 6:

# makedns -n /*Configure the new names in DNS*/
# makedhcp -a /*Configure the new names in DHCP*/
# makeconfluentcfg /*Update Console Server*/

Step 7:
Reboot Updated Server

Step 8:
After you repeat Step – 1 to Step – 7 for all nodes On the primary management node.

# pscp /etc/hosts all:/etc/

to copy the hosts file to all the nodes except the new node, because the new node need password authentication at this point.

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