Cannot initialize RDMA protocol on Cluster with Platform LSF

If you encounter this issue during an application run and your scheduler used is Platform LSF. There is a simple solution.


explicit_dp: Rank 0:13: MPI_Init_thread: didn't find active interface/port
explicit_dp: Rank 0:13: MPI_Init_thread: Can't initialize RDMA device
explicit_dp: Rank 0:13: MPI_Init_thread: Internal Error: Cannot initialize RDMA protocol
MPI Application rank 13 exited before MPI_Init() with status 1
mpirun: Broken pipe

In this case the amount of locked memory was set to unlimited in /etc/security/limits.conf, but this was not sufficient.
The MPI jobs were started under LSF, but the lsf daemons were started with very small memory locked limits.

Set the amount of locked memory to unlimited in /etc/init.d/lsf by adding the ‘ulimit -l unlimited’ command.

ulimit -l unlimited
. /opt/lsf/conf/profile.lsf


  1. HP HPC Linux Value Pack 3.1 – Platform MPI job failed

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