IBM Spectrum Scale Development Blogs for (Q1 2018)

Here are list of development blogs in the this quarter (Q1 2018). As discussed in User Groups, passing it along:

GDPR Compliance and Unstructured Data Storage

IBM Spectrum Scale for Linux on IBM Z ? Release 5.0 features and highlights

Management GUI enhancements in IBM Spectrum Scale release 5.0.0

IBM Spectrum Scale 5.0.0 ? What?s new in NFS?

Benefits and implementation of Spectrum Scale sudo wrappers

IBM Spectrum Scale: Big Data and Analytics Solution Brief

Variant Sub-blocks in Spectrum Scale 5.0

Compression support in Spectrum Scale 5.0.0

IBM Spectrum Scale Versus Apache Hadoop HDFS

ESS Fault Tolerance

Genomic Workloads ? How To Get it Right From Infrastructure Point Of View.

IBM Spectrum Scale On AWS Cloud: This video explains how to deploy IBM Spectrum Scale on AWS. This solution helps the users who require highly available access to a shared name space across multiple instances with good performance, without requiring an in-depth knowledge of IBM Spectrum Scale.

Detailed Demo :
Brief Demo :

Fixing out of memory Issues in Rsync

If you are doing rsync and you encountered this error like rsync out of memory, you may want to take a look.a this article (Rsync out of memory? Try this…). Need to add an additional parameter (–no-inc-recursive) to the rsync commands.

According to the article, the the out of memory failure occured when  rsync attempts to load all the filenames and info in to RAM at startup.

# rsync -lH -rva --no-inc-recursive --progress gromacs remote_server:/usr/local