Installing and Configuring Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation

Step 1: Ensure that you have subscribed to Red Hat Virtualisation Channels. For more information, see Subscribing to Red Hat Virtualisation Manager Channels

Step 2: Install RHEVM packages.

This will take a while…… 1.6GB of downloads…….

# yum install rhevm rhevm-reports

Step 3: Link the Directory Server to the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation Manager.

See Joining RHEVM-Manage-Domain tool to join AD Domain

Step 4: Install RHEV manager

# rhevm-setup

Step 5: Go to the website – Administration Portal


Step 6: Logon to the Portal with admin


Step 7: Create Data Centre

Step 8: Create and Populate a New ISO NFS Storage Domain

Step 9: Creation of Logical Network

Step 10: Creation of Windows 7 with Virtio

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