Displaying SPICE on the VM network for RHEV 3.4

By default, SPICE graphic server somehow by default uses the management network to display the console. Usually the management network is not visible to the users.

For RHEV 3.4, this can be easily resolve on the RHEV Manager console

  1. Portal > Networks
  2. Click on the Network you wish SPICE graphic Server to display on
  3. Click “Manage Network”
  4. Click “Display Network”


Once configured. Remember to REBOOT all the VMs to activate the changes




Installing and Configuring Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation

Step 1: Ensure that you have subscribed to Red Hat Virtualisation Channels. For more information, see Subscribing to Red Hat Virtualisation Manager Channels

Step 2: Install RHEVM packages.

This will take a while…… 1.6GB of downloads…….

# yum install rhevm rhevm-reports

Step 3: Link the Directory Server to the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation Manager.

See Joining RHEVM-Manage-Domain tool to join AD Domain

Step 4: Install RHEV manager

# rhevm-setup

Step 5: Go to the website – Administration Portal


Step 6: Logon to the Portal with admin


Step 7: Create Data Centre

Step 8: Create and Populate a New ISO NFS Storage Domain

Step 9: Creation of Logical Network

Step 10: Creation of Windows 7 with Virtio