Deploying ipfail plug-in for HeartBeat

This is a continuation of the Blog Entry Deploying a Highly Available Cluster (Heartbeat) on CentOS. In this Blog Entry, we are looking ipfail plug-in that comes with Heartbeat package.

ipfail plug-in purpose is to allow me to specify one of more ping servers in the HeartBeat configuration file. If the master server fail to see one of the ping server and if the slave server can ping the ping server, it will take over the ownership of the reasource as it assumes, there is network comunication issues with the clients even though the master server or may not be down.

To use ipfail, you must first decide which device on the network both Heartbeat Servers must ping at all times. Enter the information in /etc/ha.d/

respawn clusteruser /usr/lib/heartbeat/ipfail
#ping_group pingtarget
auto_failback off
  1. The first line above tells Heartbeat to start the ipfail program on both master and slave server and to respawn it it if it stops using clusteruser user created during the instllation
  2. The 2nd line specifices the 1 or more ping servers that the heartbeat servers must ping to ensure it has connection to the network. Make sure you use ping servers on both interface. In “ping”, the connectivity of each IP address listed are independent and equally important. Ping reply from any of the IP Address listed are considered important.
  3. A ping_group is considered by Heartbeat to be a single cluster node (group-name). The ability to communicate with any of the group members means that the group-name member is reachable.
  4. Deploying watchdog on ipfail-plugin for Heartbeat

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