Getting Notification from Ansible

I have been learning from this book Fabio Alessandro Locati, published under Packt>. The example can be found at

Today I am learning about working with notification. One of the biggest advantages of Ansible is its ability, compared to a bash script to notify. The 6 tools which Ansible could easily work with include

  • Email Notification
  • Ansible XMPP/Jabber
  • Slack and Rocket Chat
  • Sending a message to an IRC Channel
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service
  • Nagios

For the full list of notification modules, we can refer to


- hosts: localhost 
  connection: local
    - name: Read the machine uptime 
      command: uptime -p 
      register: uptime 
    - name: Send the uptime via e-mail 
        password: PASSWORD 
        subject: Ansible-report 
        body: 'Local system uptime is {{ uptime.stdout }}.' 

To sent the email, we will need the SMTP host, credential and content of the email. Do note that mail modules support the following

  • The attachment parameter: To attach attachments
  • The port parameter: port to use by the email server.


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