Thinking Strategy – Creative Thinker

Everyone in a Development Team has a preferred way of working and thinking. Thinking can be broken down into 3 dimensions. a. Creative Thinker, Understanding Thinking and Decision Thinking According to the Book “Git for Teams”

What are the Characteristics of a Creative Thinker:


  • To see an alternative future (whether it’s good or bad). This is useful for long-term strategy work.


  • See the current situation from different perspectives


  • Brainstorming is almost the ability to doodle through a problem

Employ flash of insight

  • A Flash of Insight happens when you’re not thinking about the problem. It happens when you’re out for a walk or in the shower.


  • To question the status quo


  • Ignore Distraction and focus wholly on a given task

Recognising Creative Thinkers

You can recognise the creative thinkers from their key phrases

“Can we try?”

Have you thought about doing this instead?

I had this great idea?