RapidFile Toolkit v2.0 for FlashBlade

What is RapidFile Toolkit?

RapidFile Toolkit is a set of supercharged tools for efficiently managing millions of files using familiar Linux command line interfaces. RapidFile Toolkit is designed from the ground up to take advantage of Pure Storage FlashBlade’s massively parallel, scale-out architecture, while also supporting standard Linux file systems. RapidFile Toolkit can serve as a high performance, drop-in replacement for Linux commands in many common scenarios, which can increase employee efficiency, application performance, and business productivity. RapidFile Toolkit is available to all Pure Storage customers.


Benefits of RapidToolkit according to the Site

Increase SysAdmin Productivity

  • Up to 20X faster than Linux Core Utilities
  • Accelerates file management and analytics

Faster Data Movement & Analytics

  • Accelerates Perforce Checkout by up to 20X
  • Rapid file copy to and from scratch space

Faster & Simpler Data Pipelines

  • Indexing files systems up to 20X faster, reducing metadata caching time
  • Support EDA, Genomics, DevOps, HPC, Analytics & Apache Spark and AI/ML


Linux commandsRapidFile Toolkit v2.0Description
lsplsLists files & directories
findpfindFinds matching files
dupduSummarizes file space usage
rmprmRemoves files & directories
chownpchownChanges file ownership
chmodpchmodChanges file permissions
cppcopyCopies files & directories

To Download, you have to be Pure Storage Customers and Partners.

Download URL (login required)


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