Intel FPGA Technology Day (IFTD 2020)

Event Overview

Intel® FPGA Technology Day (IFTD) is a one-day virtual event that showcases the latest Intel FPGA products and solutions through a series of webinars and demonstrations from Intel, partners, and customers. During this day-long event, you will learn how Intel® FPGAs, Intel® eASIC structured ASICs, Intel® SmartNICs, and Intel® Enpirion® power solutions can shorten your design cycle, help to overcome your many design challenges, and accelerate business innovation. In the IFTD 2020 virtual exhibition space, you will see Intel® FPGA technology in action in the edge, in data centers, and in the cloud. IFTD 2020 takes place on November 18, 2020.

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  • Accelerate Your Future with the broad Intel Portfolio including Intel FPGAs
  • Accelerate your Cloud and Enterprise Applications with Intel Data Center Solutions including Intel FPGAs
  • Conquer Your Most Difficult Embedded Challenges
  • How to use Intel FPGAs and eASIC Structured ASICs to develop solutions for a wide array of applications

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