Installing SCons-3.1.2 with Intel Python Distribution

What is SCons?

SCons is an Open Source software construction tool—that is, a next-generation build tool. Think of SCons as an improved, cross-platform substitute for the classic Make utility with integrated functionality similar to autoconf/automake and compiler caches such as ccache. In short, SCons is an easier, more reliable and faster way to build software.

For more information, see


Python 3 Distribution. For this I used the Intel Python Distribution

Get the Source Code

git clone

Setup scons directory and run the setup script

cd $HOME/scons
/usr/local/intel/2020/intelpython3/bin/python install

Do note that the scons will write a site package at /usr/local/intel/2020/intelpython3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/SCons-3.9.9a993-py3.7.egg . You need to allow the necessary permission

Testing the package

cd /usr/local/scons
python SCons/
1/1 (100.00%) /usr/local/intel/2020/intelpython3//bin/python SCons/
Ran 38 tests in 0.096s


  1. SCons: A software construction tool
  2. SCons GitHub Site


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