Alert on Linux Advanced Package Tool (APT) Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2019-3462)

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A vulnerability (CVE-2019-3462) in the Linux Advanced Package Tool (APT) has been discovered. Successful exploitation of the vulnerability could result in arbitrary code execution with access to privileged administrator “root” on affected Linux systems. APT is a widely used utility that handles installation, update, upgrade and removal of software across many Linux operating system distributions. This vulnerability has been given a Common Vulnerability Score System version 3 severity base score of 8.1 out of 10.

Affected Software
APT versions 1.4.8 and older.

Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to a full compromise of a user’s machine, allowing an attacker to perform malicious activities such as unauthorised installation of programs, creation of rogue administrator accounts and alteration of data.

Affected users and system administrators of Debian, Ubuntu, and other Linux distributions are advised to download and install the security updates immediately.


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