Setting up Secondary Master Host on Platform LSF

To setup Secondary Master Host on Platform LSF can be very easy.

Step 1: Update the LSF_MASTER_LIST parameter in lsf.conf by updating the current master host

# vim lsf.conf

At line 114


If you wish to switch the order of Master Host for maintenance, it can be done as well

Step 2: Reconfigure the cluster and restart the LSF mbatchd and mbschd processes

# lsadmin reconfig
# badmin mbdrestart

Step 3: Update the master_hosts in lsb.hosts

# cd $LSF_ENVDIR/lsbatch/yourhpclcuster/configdir/configdir
# vim lsb.hosts
Begin HostGroup
master_hosts      (h00 h01)
End HostGroup


  1. Switch LSF master host to secondary master candidate

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