Compiling Relion with Intel Compilers-15.0.6 and Intel MPI-5.0.3

Step 1: Download Relion

Relion Download site

Step 2: Source Intel Compilers and MPI

# vim .bashrc
source /usr/local/intel_2015/impi/ intel64
source /usr/local/intel_2015/composerxe/bin/ intel64
source /usr/local/intel_2015/mkl/bin/ intel64

export CC=icc
export CXX=icpc
export F77=ifort
export MPICC=mpicc
export MPICXX=mpiicpc
export CFLAGS="-O3 -xHost -fno-alias -align"
export FFLAGS="-O3 -xHost -fno-alias -align"
export CXXFLAGS="-O3 -xHost -fno-alias -align"

Step 3: Build the Relion for Intel Xeon Processor

# tar -xvf relion-1.4.tar
# cd relion-1.4
# ./


  1. Recipe: RELION for Intel® Xeon Phi™ 7250 processor

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