Adding non-root users to administer Platform LSF

Step 1.    On the master host, change directory to $LSF_ENVDIR


Step 2.   Modify the “lsf.cluster.<clustername>” file:

# vim lsf.cluster.<clustername>

Step 3.    Edit the following section in the file to add your non-root user as LSF administrator, e.g. adding user1 as administrator:

Begin   ClusterAdmins
Administrators = phpcadmin user1
End    ClusterAdmins

Note: By default, “phpcadmin” is the administrator for Platform HPC at time of installation. Do not remove it.

4.    Execute the following command on the master host for new changes to take effect. You need to perform it as “root” user or “phpcadmin”:

# lsadmin reconfig
# badmin mbdrestart

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